Welcome to The Hooked – the genderqueer sibling of Hook Coffee!

We’re pretty sure you’re here because you love and appreciate great coffee as much as we do. So we’re here to feed you with the best & freshest coffees, as well as the coolest (and digestible) coffee-related stories, ideas, and hacks. Not to mention sneak peeks behind-the-scenes at Hook and sweet & savoury recipes for all you foodies out there!

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  1. Shammah says:

    I subscribe to Hook Coffee – and one of the reasons I do so is because Hook Coffee claims to engage in direct trade with their suppliers and coffee bean farmers which is hopefully a more sustainable and fair trading practice. I’d love to find out more about these relationships – who exactly are the people behind the farming the coffee beans we get from Hook Coffee, and how can we understand the coffee industry better?

    Looking forward to reading more posts!


  2. Hook Coffee says:

    Hi Shammah! Thanks for leaving a suggestion! This is certainly an important topic and one that’s close to our hearts. We’ll try to write a post the coffee industry, direct trade, as well as our sourcing and farm partners soon 🙂


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