A Fresh Start


As coffee heads, we’re spoilt for choice in Singapore with many wonderful cafes – from international chains that pioneered third wave coffee to cozy indie/hipster ones. I love my cafe lattes and the art it comes with as much as the next person reading this.

But every day for the past two weeks, before heading off to the office, I’m in the kitchen grinding coffee beans as I wait for the kettle to come to a boil. A few days into this routine, my mother asks, “Why go through so much hassle?” I paused for awhile only to realise this 2-5 minute ritual has been more therapeutic than anything and so I replied, “What hassle?”

Well, as I’ve learnt from Faye & Ernest (the hearts and minds behind Hook), if you aren’t already, here’s why you should DIY (or should we say, BIY – Brew It Yourself).

Brewing your own coffee puts you in the captain’s seat of your own caffeine-loaded ship. You’re allowed to do as you please however you please. Make your coffee as strong or weak as you’d like. Add milk, cocoa or even tea to make the coffee yours. Brewing your own coffee gives you greater freedom in a cup.

It’s also way more fulfilling to brew your own coffee. You’ll take at most 5 minutes out of your hectic day to step back and focus on pleasuring yourself with the best darn cup of coffee. And you’ll sit there, coffee grounds spent, holding the warm cup of liquid gold in your hands, terribly satisfied and energised.

With learning to brew your own coffee you’ll also learn to appreciate good coffee. The rich and heavenly aroma, nuanced flavours, juicy or bold body – it’s like wine appreciation if you think about it! You won’t have to rely on how the latte art poured for you by the barista at the cafe turned out or how your friends react to their cup of joe to understand if you’re having a good cup of coffee.

Let’s not forget that brewing your own coffee is a lot more economical than getting your caffeine fix outside. Sure, you can spend thousands on an espresso machine, but there’re so many other brew methods out there that are way cheaper, require way less maintenance, and taste equally good or better. But that’s a story for another time.

As a start, you might want to consider getting Hook’s starter kit for just $18 – inclusive of a 250g bag of coffee of your choice (ground as you wish) and a Hario V60 dripper. We currently have 6 delicious coffees to choose from, all freshly sent out to you within a week of roasting. You’ll be brewing the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had straight out of the package for just $1 a cup. That’s fresh specialty coffee, mind you! Just click here to get started.

There’s a sea of coffee out there, behind the Instagram-perfect lattes and “frappuccinos”. But one need only peer over the edge and boldly take the leap. So see you around, slow dancing with your brew in hand, at the helm of your very own coffee adventure.

– Intern S

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