Everyone’s Goin’ Crazy for this Coffee, Here’s Why

Cold brew brings a lot to the coffee table. It brings a different perspective to your coffee beans while remaining extremely versatile. It comes as a relief on hot days and it’s pretty much foolproof.

What is cold brew?

In very simple terms, it’s cold coffee. Not iced coffee – because in Singapore’s heat, you’ll find yourself with a diluted brew in no time! Brewing coffee typically involves a kettle of hot water and a few minutes but at its essence, a cold brew requires  cold water and 12 to 24 hours. Increasing the time while decreasing the water temperature may seem counter-intuitive, and may also sound time-consuming, but it really makes sense especially when it’s sweltering hot out there and really only requires 3-4 steps (which we’ll reveal in awhile).

Here are 4 reasons why we can’t get enough of our cold brew coffee:

Perfect for long, hot days

Normally, we enjoy sipping on our hot coffees, allowing the warm waves of caffeine to calm us. But on other days, especially on seriously hot ones (like the past week), a cold brew is all we need. Sipping on a cold brew on a hot day is addictively refreshing. Cold brews also contain a higher caffeine level as all other kinds of brews (up to 20x more!) so when you’re feeling terribly exhausted from the unrelenting heat, you’ll want to reach out for a cold brew.

Delicious cups of coffee

8 in 10 people add milk or sugar to their conventional black coffee because they don’t enjoy the acidic taste of black coffee. With cold brew, that’s just not necessary. You can instead expect a more mellow, well-rounded cup with nary a hint of acidity. Fruity and floral notes are much clearer. The muted acidity and clarity in a cup is achieved through the sheer amount of time the coffee interacts with the water at low temperatures. For these reasons, we love making cold brew with Piña Loca and La Dulce Vida, but feel free to take your pick at http://www.hookcoffee.com.sg/coffees/!


Here are some ways we’ve enjoyed our cold brews:

  • Adding a touch of vanilla syrup
  • Adding a dash of milk
  • Dousing it in frozen Baileys cubes!!!

Heck, some cafes even offer Nitro Coffees. It looks suspiciously like a Guinness Stout, but definitely tastes as good or better. We even want to install a nitro tap at our office just for the fun of it.

Cold brews are also versatile in the sense that you can enjoy anywhere. At home? At work? On-the-go? In the movies? At the beach? No problem!


Cold brews are so easy to prepare and require minimal effort.

Ground Coffee + Water + 12 hours (min.) = Heavenly, smooth Cold Brew

Here’s a video showing how making coffee can’t get any simpler than cold brews:

The real beauty of cold brew for specialty coffee beginners is this; cold water is much easier to work with than hot water. With a conventional brew, you have a few minutes to get the extraction of the coffee right. Compare this to the 12-hours cold brewing gives you. Brewing to your taste and preferences is simple when you can take it out of the fridge, take a sip and if it isn’t saturated enough for you, throw it back in for another couple of hours.

A well-made batch of cold brew can stay fresh in the fridge for a week, so it’s ready whenever you are. Just remember to remove the coffee grounds after 24 hours – you wouldn’t wanna overdo it, would you?

Did we also mention that one bottle of cold brew makes 4-6 cups? If you’re feeling generous, you can share your brew and if not, you can keep it for the next day!

Here at Hook, simple yet effective methods take the cake and with specialty coffee, it doesn’t get much simpler than cold brew.

– Intern S

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