#wedontneedGeorge (Clooney): Our #ShotPods Speak For Themselves!

We actually mean it when we say we don’t need George Clooney. Sure, he aged fairly well and we admit that he did pretty good in those Nespresso advertisements. Maybe we’re also tempted to believe him when he acts like their pods are the best in the world. But we at Hook Coffee believe in letting our coffees speak for themselves more than anything else.

We’ve been working on our pods for quite some time now – so trust us when we say that we’re just excited about this as you are. This one’s for all the rushed mornings, the sluggish afternoons, and anything in between.

We heard you, and we’re super excited to bring you our 100% Nespresso-compatible ShotPods!


We’ve kicked off our collection with 3 flavours that we hope you’ll love. If you like something chocolatey and nutty, then Sweet Bundchen ShotPods (Minas Gerais, Brazil) is the one for you! Sweet Bundchen kinda reminds us of Kinder Bueno, and who doesn’t love Kinder Bueno?!

If you’re a little more adventurous and you’re looking for something fruity, we also have our Hakuna Matata ShotPods (Thika, Kenya) that taste like Blackcurrant Macaroons with a smooth vanilla and caramel finish. They’re perfect with a little bit of milk, to balance out the fruity acidity.

Our current favourite at the Hook HQ is Bird of Paradise (Purosa, Papua New Guinea) which has a dark chocolate base and hints of stone fruit. It’s the darkest of the lot i.e. closest to what you’re used to when you drink Nespresso, yet well-balanced with that subtly sweet and bright frutiness. You’ll also find a light smokey oolong finish lingering, instead of that unpleasant bitter aftertaste you’ve experienced with other brands before.

And if you fancy the taste of coffee but caffeine isn’t really your thing or you want to be able to sleep soon-ish, we also have our decaffeinated pods (organic Mount Water Decaffeinated), Decaf Amigo. It tastes like freshly baked malted pretzels and are perfect for any time of the day. We haven’t launched this because we’re perfecting the recipe, but they’ll be available in just a matter of weeks!

Use them like you would with a normal Nespresso capsule.Our pods are compatible with every Nespresso machine out there! Enjoy them straight, with milk, or even as part of a recipe – go nuts! (Quick tip: Give the shot a quick stir before drinking. You’ll get a more balanced and flavourful cup that way.)

If you haven’t gotten your hands on these babies yet, we have only one question for you – what are you waiting for? They’re available at www.hookcoffee.com.sg/coffees/shotpods and come in boxes of 20 for only $16. The weekend’s almost here, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with our ShotPods. 😉

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