Why International Coffee Day Matters + Free Coffee Scrub

Just last year, in 2015, the International Coffee Organization launched the first annual International Coffee Day on October 1st. This was the first time a global awareness day was recognized and acted upon with such zeal in the coffee community.

Internationalism emphasizes just trade, sustainable practices, and respect for people that surpasses borders and nationalities. Coffee needs these things. Slavery, labor abuse, and poor living conditions are not foreign to the global coffee industry, but thanks to initiatives like this one and countless others, the landscape is changing rapidly.

The power of International Coffee Day lies in awareness and action.

The day is an opportunity to spread a mindset that drives coffee growers, businesses, and consumers around the world. It is a mindset that is aware of the less-than-ideal health of the global coffee industry, especially in terms of living and working conditions in coffee-producing countries, and actively works to bring about a better future.

We at Hook Coffee exist in this mindset, sobering and beautiful, every day. The coffee we roast and sell was grown and cared for by real people around the world – people with families, fears, and joys. We are passionate about sourcing our coffee in ways that are fair and empowering towards these coffee farmers.

International Coffee Day is a day for ordinary people to become involved in this mindset. Buy a cup of coffee from a local shop or order a bag online. Check the coffee shop or roaster for signs that they are on board with the goal of International Coffee Day: sustainability. Purchasing from low-quality sellers with dozens of middlemen isn’t going to do much for our farmer friends and the long-term health of the industry.

Whatever you do, remember that the day exists to create a spirit of solidarity between coffee growers, consumers, and businesspeople that reaches beyond boundaries.

Check out International Coffee Organization’s list of events for International Coffee Day to see if there’s anything happening around you.

To celebrate Interantional Coffee Day, We’re Giving Away Coffee Scrub! (Lovingly handmade by the Hook Coffee Team)


We’re committed to high quality, super fresh coffee. We never send out coffee more than seven days past its roast date, period. We are also committed to being great stewards of the coffee we buy, so we’re putting the coffee we haven’t sold in that timeframe towards something else incredible: coffee scrub.

Sustainably sourced coffee and organic coconut oil make a great combo, and we’re giving away scrub to the first 200 new subscribers for free! To claim your coffee scrub, select the coffee that’s right for you, use the code ‘SCRUB‘ and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Enjoy International Coffee Day on October 1st. Remember the struggle and wonder of the journey of the coffee bean and the people who make it happen, and know that the role you play, though maybe small, is essential for a healthy, sustainable coffee industry.

Thank you for drinking coffee responsibly. Happy brewing!

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