How to Overcome Procrastination Once and for All with Coffee.

While I do love the taste, I drink coffee because it makes me more productive. The two double espressos I just downed have my fingers flying over the keys, and I feel a little bit invincible. This confidence boost, is probably what encouraged me to start this article with a massive fourth wall break.

I am not alone. I would say there is an understanding among most people that coffee makes them more productive.

Ever notice, that around office buildings there are higher concentrations of coffee shops. coincidence? I think not. The idea that coffee is something we drink, to get more done, is embodied into our culture.

I bet that every day, you leave your building, and settle into a nice coffee shop for your break. And they are packed, aren’t they? We all want our few hours of quick wit, flying fingers and unwavering focus, and don’t mind spending the afternoon in the crash, I refer to as my normal personality, to get them.

I am not trying to prove that coffee has or doesn’t have these affects. If you believe in them, then that is good enough for me. What I want to do is run through strategies to get the most out of your coffee.

Pavlovian Conditioning

Pavlovian Conditioning Is a psychological phenomenon named by Ivan Pavlov. He did all kinds of wacky experiments back when psychology was still a bit edgy. He taught dogs to expect food when he rang a bell and found that even after he stopped feeding them, when he rang that bell, they still expected food.

You need  to condition yourself with coffee. If you consistently drink coffee after you finish a task, or do anything positive in your life, your brain will associate being productive with the caffeine hit. Saying to yourself, I will finish this and then I will make a coffee, is how you get a dog like obedience from your own mind. The real secret here is to build up a dependency to caffeine. The fear of withdrawal with further aid with your productivity.

The Ritual

Coffee, much like the planets and stars, must be experienced at certain times. Drinking your coffees at set times of the day, every day, will carve out a routine. You might be thinking; “how do I have time for anything else if all I do all day is drink coffee?” Taking breaks can actually make you more productive. The human brain wasn’t made for long interrupted periods of focus. A short break to get your scheduled coffee will keep you sane.

If you can’t spare the time, install a coffee machine on your desk. Under the average desk, there is enough space for a small milk fridge, and you can work those very shaky hands all day long.

As a serious alternative to a desk top coffee machine take a look a Hook Coffee’s drip bags. These drip coffee bags are a simple, no mess solution, that you can take anywhere with you.

Bring other people along on your coffee mission. Do you need to motivate a team, or are you and a co-worker stuck on a problem? Feed them coffee, even if they don’t like it. Now you have more super charged minds, and a new environment can stimulate new ideas.


Be sure to bring a cup if you are learning a new skill. Studies have shown that as little as 200mg of coffee (about 2 cups) can prompt the brain to better process information, recognize words, and there is a noticeable improvement of short term memory. Coffee makes us into better versions of ourselves, and we should never do anything without it.


Do you know how productive you are if you don’t sleep? Sleeping time is like half of all time. If you drink coffee in the moments before bed, it is just about impossible to get to sleep. You can now spend this time working on that thing you just have to finish. As the night drags on it will become harder to resist the urge to sleep. Continue drinking coffee at more regular increments, until you complete your task or die.


Coffee will help you make friends. Friends help you enjoy life and in turn make you more productive. Coffee inflates our confidence and sharpens our wit. If you want to come across as a fun loving, charming, character, you just drink at least four shots of coffee before interacting with anyone with a pulse.

Hook Coffee

If you have followed all of the steps in this guide, very soon, you will need new coffee. That is annoying isn’t it? Needing new coffee. What if you never had to need coffee again? What if there was always just coffee? There can be. Hook Coffee offers a subscription that takes care of the problem once and for all. Tell us how many cups of coffee you drink, and we will send you the beans. We will continue to send them when you need them, so you always have free coffee. Hook Coffee beans are ethically sourced directly from farmers in the developing world, lovingly roasted in Singapore and sent to you within a week.






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