Greetings and Merry Christmas to all!

It’s a glorious time here at Hook Coffee. A special time. A wonderful time.

Why, you ask?

Well it’s Hook Coffee’s very first Christmas! Today we make merry and celebrate not only the holidays but also our fans and readers. Seriously, we couldn’t have done it without you all. The support and encouragement over the past year has been a true joy.

We at Hook also want to thank all who caved and purchased our set of tangible Christmas cheer. While we were a little unprepared for our first Christmas sale, it all worked out. Thanks for bearing with us. Christmas cheer was successfully spread to the masses.

The Frustrations of Bringing Coffee Home to the Family

We all know that around this time of year, coffee nerds trek across the land to family and friends for the holidays. Kettles and Aeropresses are shoved into suitcases, and coffee is sealed up in travel containers. When packing for the holidays, making room for coffee gear is one of the utmost priorities…naturally.

It’s almost exciting to think about enjoying coffee anywhere you wish. Coffee geeks pride themselves on their ability to make a pleasant cup away from home. We buy mobile coffee gear and expect to convey the beauties of coffee to everyone around.

However, when the travel destination is reached and coffee gear is unloaded onto a family relative’s kitchen counter, there are no cheers or smiling faces. Everyone in the room goes silent. There are befuddled looks. People wonder why Aunt Sally’s son is cluttering up the counter space with gizmos and scales and thermometers.

“What’s that?” They ask.

“This is for my coffee,” you murmur hesitantly.

“Oh,” they say. “Really?”

Remarks about your “fancy coffee,” and how “it takes you twenty minutes to make coffee in the morning” are then made throughout the entirety of the trip. The stabs are endless, and you realize that you should have just gone a week without drinking any coffee at all.

Being passionate about the third wave coffee industry can be an exhausting endeavor. Everyone involved with the third wave coffee industry has dealt with people misunderstanding at one point or another. So what can we do when this happens during Christmas?

We wrote up a nifty guide to get you through the holidays. Follow at your own risk.


St. Nick’s Coffee Survival Guide Spectacular!

Some options/methods for dealing with people who question your coffee methods.

  1. Be sleuthy. That’s right. Sneak around. Put on your most quiet pair of socks in the morning and brew up some coffee before people start waking up. If you have an electric grinder, make sure to use it in a secluded area like outside or in the garage.
  1. Show them the magic. If any of your family gives you slack for your “excessive coffee habits,” just make them a cup and have them try it for themselves. If they love it, you’re home free. If not, they will most likely drench it in milk and sugar, smirking the whole time (If this happens, you’re worse off than when you first begun).
  1. Play it cool. Instead of telling them that specialty coffee is a hobby or passion, just explain that you think it’s fun to make coffee this way. Show them how, and they will probably play with your coffee gear for the rest of trip.
  1. Throw a temper tantrum. Exude rage and power. Yell and crush glass, chairs, and whatever food you can find. No one will ever question your coffee methods again.
  1. Spend the entire trip making coffee. Skip meals, slurp loudly, and spill hot coffee wherever you can manage.


All jokes aside, share your love of coffee with whoever you wish. If someone enjoys flavors or sugar in their coffee beverage, that’s completely okay. Let’s keep spreading love and cheer through coffee.

Merry brewing and merry Christmas from the co-founders, Ernest and Faye.

Thanks again!

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